December 4, 2006

Ball in faceWhen I ran the table today, it smacked me in the face : we’ve a new leader. It wasn’t quite as painful as this picture, but the shock was the same.

Tria Nolan has been playing this game for years and has got close on a number of occasions, but as we approach the halfway point in the footballpredictionleague.com season, Tria is sitting pretty atop the league, like some kind of footballfairy on a soccer tree.

She’s still only 56.4% right though, so there’s plenty of scope for one of the rest of you to come to the fore … maybe even me.

Catch you soon,



Key to leadership

November 14, 2006

Bloke lookin' smartAccording to the website that I half-inched this picture from, the key to leadership is looking smart, which is why your chap here has put a suit on.

I can’t confirm it, but I don’t suppose our new leader Stuart Shaw is wearing a suit. And even if he is, dear reader, I don’t suppose that’s the actual reason he’s leading our little competition. I’ll let you into a secret – Stuart is leading because this week, he knows more about football than you. Nout to do with Senor Armani.

So, take a look at the results table – how are you doing this week?

New this week is the % number. Put simply, it’s an indication as to how right you actually are! Remember, it’s a good think to have a low score and high percentage. You heard it here first.

– J

Sorry about that, I was on the phone

October 31, 2006

Mobile phone handsfreeWeeks and weeks go by and not a word from Ade. He then returns with a lighthearted interlude about wigs for babies (“… they don’t have much hair you see, JP”) and then I go awol. Sorry about that. The phone rang and then the doorbell and before I knew it, 4 weeks had passed and I’d not updated you on the FPL.

But the good news is with this game is that with 4 weeks away, so much has changed! Oh yea. First point to note is that you can all catch up on the highlights of the result here. The second point to note is that in the last four weeks, we’ve all got much worse at the FPL. You can draw your own conclusions as to why. I have a theory but it’s too vast and clever to expand upon in this paragraph.

Or this one.

But we do have a new leader! After 7 years of playing the Football Prediction League, it’s Deborah Smith’s turn to have a go leading. How does it feel Debs? Everyone! YES YOU! Bow down at your new leader. She knows her football better than you. Much better. Well, for this this week at least.

I’m going to leave it there. You may well be pining for my fascinating statistical update on this weeks results, but I’m going to let Ade have a word or two. Brace yourself now.

– J

Christmas Gift Ideas:- Wigs for Babies

October 2, 2006

Donald TrumpWell it’s only 12 weeks to Christmas so I thought I’d help you out with a gift idea for any of you who have presents to buy for friends who have had a baby this year.

What I am suggesting is the “Baby Toupee” available at $24.99 from www.babytoupee.com.  On the right you will see the Donald Trump combover wig…..also available are Bob Marley, Lil’ Kim and Samuel L. Jackson.

Don’t know about you but the baby toupee website seems to be more mature and make more sense than Cameron having a MySpace site. Dickhead!!!

Did you miss me?


Vital Statistics, Week 9

October 2, 2006

… Nick still winning.

Vital Statistics, Week 7

September 19, 2006

The results have been published – the sums have been done. Who are the winners and losers from this week’s FPL?

Remarkable, absolutely re-bleedin-markable. Another week another leader – and this one has made a break for it like an over-enthusiastic yellow jersey-lover on the Tour de France. Will he make it to the finish line, or will another rider stick a stick in his spokes? Watch this space, we’ll find out.

And so it’s Richard Moran who has made to the top of the FPL table once again, but this time with a 30 point lead over second placed Tria Nolan. Given a minimum score of 0 and a maximum of 1424, Richard’s point score of a tiny 614 is 56.9% right. As predicted on these pages last week, Emit Brown is still last (and I predict he will be for the remainder of the competition) with a revolting 922 points, or for those inclined, 35.3% right.

And so to the risers and fallers, the toppers and tailers of the week. Phil Surtees is the most improved player of the week points wise, losing a fairly incredible 100 points this week. Come to think of it (and I have checked), it’s about the best weekly improvement I’ve ever seen. As a result, Phil has also risen a whoppin’ 49 places up the FPL league table. Sweet work Phil, good on ya.

For every positive, there’s a negative – for every impressive score, there’s someone who’s only got themselves to blame and ought to be embarrassed for their performance. This week I shan’t rant on about how shameful their performance is, I shall just let the stats talk for themselves.

Callum Jones, gains 84 points. Andrew McKechnie, drops 47 places.


That’s your lot for the week. Remember, you can make up your own stats by taking a good hard look at the results table.

– J

PS – Where’s Ade? Do you work with him? Have you seen him in the office maybe, or in the supermarket or gym? Does he even go shopping – I have no idea. Any road, Ade’s been missing from these pages now for 4 weeks and I’m getting a little worried. I mean, he’s not winning the FPL but that’s no need for these days of quiet is it? Well, if you’ve seen him, drop us a note here just to put our minds all at rest eh? Ta.

Vital Statistics, Week 6

September 11, 2006

The results have been published – the sums have been done. Who are the winners and losers from this week’s FPL?

Who’d’ve thunk it – another new leader. After weeks of Nick Brown, a week of Nick Moran, it’s now Rob Brown who heads the table with 656 points, co-incidently the same score that Nick Moran had last week. Given a minimum score of 0 and a maximum of 1424, Rob is 53.9% right. By startling contrast, new FPL chump, Emit Brown, is only 34% right. Recognise that name? Yep, Emit Brown is the name of a character from the 1984 film Back to the Future and his entry is an exact copy, where possible of the 1984 League table. Emit’s now bottom and I can see him being there for the remaining 31 weeks

Andy Weeks is the most improved player of the week, points wise, losing a massive 40 and is now in the play-off places in League Two. Julian Morgan has risen an impressive 31 places up the FPL chart and is now near the top of League One. Not bad Sir!

And who has let themselves down this week with their FPL performance? Young Tom Starch needs to hang his head in FPL shame as he gains 60 points this week. 60! 60 points! But as bad as that undoubtedly is, it’s Richard King who is the biggest dropper of the week, falling 35 places.

That’s your lot for the week. Remember, you can make up your own stats by taking a good hard look at the results table.

– J

PS – Where’s Ade? He’s not been here for weeks. No emails, no calls … maybe he’s just embarrassed … have you seen the FPL table?