Pearce aims to be top dog

See that dog? Well, course you do – it’s just over on the right hand side isn’t it. That’s Josie, winner of the 1993 Crufts Top Boner award, or words to the general effect.

She has very little in common with Duncan Pearce (save for bright eyes, wet nose and a penchant for silver necklaces), but they both share a first prize – Josie in dog beauty, and Duncan in being the first player to send in his entry form to this year’s Football Prediction League competition.

Duncan himself, in a wordy poetic email to revealed very little confidence in his own ability,  writing “Well I know the last league was some time ago, but I still know that my
last predictions were pretty crap…… here’s another total piece of

Sir, I applaud your honesty. But, as things stand, with only the one entry received so far, you’re reasonably likely to win, but if it makes you feel better, let’s call it last place.

To join Duncan in this year’s Football Prediction League, drop me an email or download the form here. Best of luck.

– J


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