Return of the other bloke

Hello FPLers past, present and future!! Just thought I’d introduce myself before JP runs off into the distance with my own little cherub of a game….I’m back to re-state a claim to my off spring. Just looking through the list of past players and brought back a few memories:- Bernard Shannon and little Garret Shannon, previously aged six years old, Scratchy the Fish who famously won the Cup beating Dad Boyes in the final and who can forget the Rich D, the man who looks like a Volvo.

Not saying all players were as random, look at the roll call of famous people who have played……Ian Brown (Stone Roses), Steve Fry (QI/Wonky nose), Dan Brown (Plagiarist), Ian Thomas (off Soccer AM once), Jonathon Davies (Welsh), Tim Vine (former comedian), Anthony Burgess (the Ludovico Technique….clever that one!!), Paul Smith (stripey clothes) and Andy Greenhouse (no explanation needed).

A trip down memory lane……but the future is all that matters now……..will Paul Woodcock now become an international celebrity due to the extra exposure the internet provides…..will our Dutch friends continue to fail to laugh at our humour….why has Gary Hewlett chosen to see Billy Elliot, the musical instead of Northampton vs Bristol City…will we have our first FPL wedding??? All questions we at present have no answers to but that that is what the future is for!!!

 Thanks for saying hello……as always I leave you with some advice….Today, is not the day for Minestrone Soup….you have been warned.

– Ade


2 Responses to Return of the other bloke

  1. Jonathan says:

    Nice to have him back on board though innit?

    How fortuitous your warning about soup – I was about to tuck into a bowl of leek n potato. I feel very lucky.

  2. ‘…. and who can forget Rich D, the man that looks like a volvo….’

    All the girl cars will be jealous, he is getting married friday!

    2 of my mates get a name check, I’m honoured. But you spelt my name wrong…..

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