Never Ever – All Saints

Never ever have I been asked so many questions as I have in the last couple of days about whether there were any prizes for winning the FPL this year.  This reminded me of potentially the worst opening lyrics to a song ever from All Saints!!!

 “A few questions that i need to know……How you could hurt me so?…Was it that I never paid enough attention?…Or did I not give enough affection?”

Which goes to show that they did not need to know the questions as they already knew them….the answers were the information that they were missing!!

Anyway the answer to my question is that the winner will receive a 70cl bottle of Absinthe, runner-up a 50cl bottle of Absinthe and the third place person a 5cl bottle with a free spoon and two sugar cubes. Finally……the least knowledgable football predictor who finishes in last place will win the traditional FPL wooden spoon of a second hand Cooker Hood.

The heat is on!!!



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