I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok!

Just thought for any new players I’d give you an update on the last season we ran the FPL in 2003/04 and allow an insight into what sort of score you are looking for to be in with a shout of winning.

The person on the right is the current holder of the Premierfish (a story for another day!!) title – Mr Paul “Woody” Woodcock.  Previously an employee of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Paul now works for the Anglian Environment Agency. Had there had been an extra C in Anglian I supposed he’d be like St. Francis of Assisi but unfortunately less spiritually he looks after the flood defences and coastal areas around Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.

Paul spent the whole of 2003/2004 on top and completely dominated all those underneath him. JP, my fellow administrator, came closest to him but was a bit premature with his burst for the line and Paul simply lapped up JP’s spurt with relish.

The winning score from Paul was 524, giving everyone a  benchmark as to your progress this year when the tables start to take shape on August 5th.

Turning from Paul to the bottom we found Alison Shore, a training administrator from the Hampshire NHS. Ali, to be less formal, is well known for her miracles in making the most lifeless people rise to attention in seconds, but this failed to help her in the 2003/04 FPL as she finished last with a score of 860 – some 38 points adrift of her nearest challenger.

So in summary, 524 you might win … 860 start thinking where to put your cooker hood!!!

– Ade


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