Welcome Stuart and Viv

It really warms my cockles to receive entry forms from returning FootballPredictionLeague players of old – it helps confirm that this is no ratbag game, it’s a real touch o’ class.

Stuart Brown, veteran of many a fpl season, popped his entry across the other day, and Viv (described as Stuart’s partner, although he doesn’t explain in what capacity), sent hers in this morning.

Stuart (he’s the one with the beard), Viv (without) – you’re both welcome.

And you reader? Will you be playing?

The footballpredictionleague is a game for experienced football minds. None of that pick-a-premiership-player-for-a-fantasy-team malarky, this game will make you care about the late December evening match between Grays Athletic and Halifax. Well, care more at the very least.

Pick up your entry form by downloading it from the menu or emailing us here at footballpredictionleague@gmail.com.

– J

PS – Of course, those are not the actual Stuart and Viv Brown unless I’ve been very very lucky with my googling. They do make a lovely couple though don’t they?


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