Ankling for a win

“Dear Footballpredictionleague”, said the email and just three short sentences later, it was over.

“Prediction”, said sentence one.

“Nick Brown” said sentence two

“Wolverhampton” said sentence three, as if in someway, that made it all clear. Nick Brown of Wolverhampton also, helpfully, included a picture (shown) of his right ankle and leg as if to prove his footballing credentials.

I can see we’re gonna have to watch this chap.

No prizes for the shortest email to, and no prizes for the longest, but unless you send an email (with your entry form), there can clearly be no prizes for ya!

I’m also starting to feel like there’s a joke going on that I’m not party to! We’ve had 18 entries in so far (good work chaps) and 4 of them are from people with Brown as a surname. Every time the inbox buzzes, it’s from another clan member.

Anyway – 7 days to go. Email us for your entry form!

– J


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