No performance enhancing at FPL

Mr Google and his search chums are buzzing with the news that Justin Gatlin has just announced that he failed a drugs test in April and could get banned from the sport. Tsk. And Floyd Landis too! Is all sport poisoned with drugs? Not this game, your honour.

Worth saying that despite appearances and website postings, the football prediction league is a drug-free zone – in the 9 year history of the game, not one player has been banned for performance enhancing drugs!

One former player, the magnificent Chris Gott, was a fan of the stats of FPL, so, if you’re reading Chris, here are some important facts for this years game so far :

We have 34 players, 1 of which is a dead fish and 1 of which is registered as Doc from Back to the Future. More than half of the players this season have registered via the new website. The minumum number of points that a player can record for FPL is zero, the maximum number is 1424. Every predictor bar one has Watford to be relegated. The highest number of FPL players ever in one season is 106 – this season looks like it’ll be the best season yet.

– J and Ade


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