£2 on Torquay to win

Afficionados of the game will sagely nod at today’s picture showing Eric Webber challenging for a header in the 1952 home fixture for Torquay United v. Leyton Orient.

Devonian football has been in the doldrums ever since (except for that splendid 0-0 draw for Exeter v. Man Utd in the FA Cup a few seasons back), but this hasn’t stopped brand new footballpredictionleague player, Jeremy, suggesting I put £2 on them this season!

“Quite obviously you might just as well close the competition now and bow
to my superior knowledge!”,
said Jeremy in his email to footballpredictionleague. I could be cruel and point out that a chap who really knows football ought to know that Watford will finish higher than 20th for Hornets sake!

I suspect though that Jeremy is actually a bookmaker in real-life since despite suggesting I stick a couple of golden ones on Torquay, he’s not actually predicting a 1-2 finish for them himself!

5 days to go until the last of the entry forms have to be in – 6 days until the first footballpredictionleague tables are churned out. How very exciting!

Email us for a copy of the entry form. If you’ve already entered, send one on to your friends, family and milkmen.

– J


One Response to £2 on Torquay to win

  1. […] I was talking to Ade earlier today and he rightly berated me for not updating the website. He noted that he’d written twice in a row and had managed to share a top football betting tip. [Jeremy the Torquay fan take note : spend £2 on Lewes!] […]

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