News of the World – Queen

Released in November 1977 this album peaked at number 3 and spent 37 consecutive weeks in the charts.  The album showcased Freddie Mercury’s characteristic use of grandiosity rising from a basic rock backdrop and a soundtrack-like song structure best demonstrated on “We will rock you” and “We are the Champions”.

And why am I telling you this on a Football Predictions Forum? Well the News of the World yesterday listed their predictions for the Coca-Cola Leagues and here is a snapshot to help you as you painstakingly complete your entry form.


Winners- Birmingham, Runners Up – Sunderland, 3rd – West Brom, Relegated – Burnley, Colchester & Barnsley

League 1

Winners- N Forest, Runners Up – Bristol City, 3rd – Swansea (yeah right!!), Relegated – Cheltenham, Bournemouth, Chesterfield & Rotherham

League 2

Winners- Wycombe, Runners Up – Grimsby, 3rd – Hartlepool, Relegated – Macclesfield & Notts County

And for the Cobblers……….a safe 15th, which I’ll more than happily accept!!



One Response to News of the World – Queen

  1. Nick Axford says:

    Brighton not in the top 3? Just proves what I knew all along, the Screws of the World talk utter crap

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