Football’s coming soon

A few moments ago, I read through Ade’s excellent treatise on milkmen – another informative article on cow juice transport systems prevalent in the UK by the way – but felt it was time to get back to the subject in hand : the Football Predicton League.

40 players have now sent their forms in which, with 5 days to go until the deadline, is an excellent response. Many seasoned veterans of the FPL send their forms in right at the last moment to ensure that they take into consideration every last transfer, management change and Scottish Premiership result.

Welcome then to the following new players : Steve Lincoln, James Mills, Peter Elson, Pat Garland, Jeremy Butler, Emit Brown, Russ Barker, Alexei Lloyd Hooker, Stuart Levy, Lee Glover, Scott Cheggs, Scratchy the deceased fish, Hazel Phillips, Martyn Allez, Stivs Katberts, Dean Hull, Craig Burley, Badlands Record Shop and Eve Breeze.

5 more days to go until the entry forms need to be in : email us for a copy

– J


One Response to Football’s coming soon

  1. Elson Egidio says:

    Gostei da marca dos aparelhos, que tem o meu nome

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