JP in wordsmith error shocker….I’m gonna milk it!!

May I draw your attention to the last sentence of JP’s £2 on Torquay to win posting.

Email us for a copy of the entry form. If you’ve already entered, send one on to your friends, family and milkmen

Now it’s the last word I’m asking you to focus on here. I live in the fairly affluent area of Cheltenham and seeing a milkman is a rare thing indeed. With the increase in power of the likes of Tesco, Sainos and Asda you would have thought the old milky would have been a dying breed. Not so in JP’s world where he still believes people have Milkmen (plural)…..a merry band of milk delivering agents no doubt also offering cream, yoghurt, egg nog and Corona. Oh imagine the suspense in the Phillips household when they try and guess which Milky will turn up that day!!!

I suppose Ernie by Benny Hill would be the most famous milkman of all time, spending 4 weeks at number one and 17 weeks in the chart in 1971. The little known fact is that Benny Hill was a milkman before becoming the saucy comedian we remember him as.

But to give the milkman a bit of gravity, in Uganda the King of the Hima Tribe is known as Omukama, which means “superior milk deliverer/bringer“.

Mmm…….the White Stuff



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