How’s it been so far?

image001.gifI hope that you’ve had a chance to see the very latest FPL table which will be published as and when required here on the results tab.

Let’s consider what it all means. At the bottom is Andrew McKechnie, a fine sporting mind. Andrew’s final prediction is the furthest away from the real league tables just now – you’ve got to wonder if, come the end of the season, Andrew’s will be the closest – he has nearly 100 places to make up already.

At the top of the table is Nick Brown, one of the many Browns who have added an entry this year. Nick’s entry is the closest (so far) to the actual league table this week – or, to put it another way, it’s most like the alphabetical Premiership and Conference, with the random results in the league fixtures. Will Nick be top come the end of the season? It’s a long way to go, marathon not a sprint as they say … time will tell.

And what of your club? How did 100 active football minds feel your team would do this season?

My club, Watford, is celebrating its first (and clearly you lot would add ‘last’) season back in the Premiership in the 2006-2007 season. You’ve all put your thinking caps on and conclude that Watford will not be there in the 07-08 season – 80% of you think the ‘Orns will be relegated. That of course says that 20% are free-thinking, intelligent (and probably yellow-wearing) souls. Let’s see who’s right in May! Click on the image and take a closer look.

If you want a quick analysis for your club, add your comment here or on the forum, which is a little quiet just now.

Cheers, J

PS – Updated table with last night’s league results will be published later this evening.


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