Preston NE and the Sheep

[Don’t worry, I’m keeping tabs : I’ve got 128 of these club write ups to complete – at three to four a week, I should have ’em rattled off by the end of the season].

I was talking to Ade earlier today and he rightly berated me for not updating the website. He noted that he’d written twice in a row and had managed to share a top football betting tip. [Jeremy the Torquay fan take note : spend £2 on Lewes!]

And so I offer you the Preston sheep, proudly looking westwards with his hoof on the shaft of a proud flag. Yup, came as shock to me too. It’s certainly thought provoking. Acutally, the only thought it provokes really is : How is a sheep holding a flag supposed to represent Preston?

[I mean … I can understand it representing Cardiff, Swansea, Carlisle or even Derby].

But how do you, the FPL cognescenti, feel that Preston will do this year? Will Billy ‘The Goat’ Davies be missed? Are they playoff material again or will Paul ‘The biting badger’ Simpson take them all the way to the hallowed grazing grounds of the Premiership.

Preston FC 06-07Seems you lot are rather undecided! I run these graphs out of idle curiousity sometimes (it also helps for my trips to the bookies) and it’s rare to see a club predicted to finish in nearly every available position! (Every position covered except 21st, oddly). A rather mixed bag of results it seems then – possibly promoted as champions, possibly relegated as the worst team in the league, more than likely finishing outside of the playoffs. 2 games played and they’re in 19th – make of that what you will.

JP says : don’t bet on ’em to finish anywhere. Hell, with these results, don’t bet on ’em to finish at all. 14th.

Nominate your club for the Phillips statto treatment using the comment button at the end of this message. I’ll get round to them all by the end of the season I’m sure.

– J


8 Responses to Preston NE and the Sheep

  1. Not sure why Preston have adopted it as a symbol, but the lamb/cross/flag combo is the symbol of St John the Baptist. Were they a church team?

  2. Nick Axford says:

    well the name preston comes from priest town…

    as a brightonian who’s been living in Preston for the past four years, it’d be good to see them do well. i’ve been going to their home games for last season (ok, it was a work thing. and i got to see them beat palace 😀 ) and i think they stand a chance of promotion. this season may be a transition, but next season they should be challenging.

    now can you do a chart of Brighton’s predicted positions?

  3. Deano says:

    well how about some arse stats – like no matter how well Chelsea do now and forever more the mighty Arsenal are still the only team to have been in the top flight of English football and never relegated. Consistency

  4. luke taylor says:

    can we have a graph for what people have predicted for aldershot town please. thanks, luke

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