Community Shield – A pointless pre-season friendly

I watched the whole thing – I didn’t see any chainmail, not one bloke in armour and although I’ll give you that 3 goals were scored, nobody was lanced with a spear. Thoroughly disappointing.

“Nothing more than a pre-season friendly – it means nothing”, said a Chelsea supporter. “A clear indication of the season ahead”, muttered a Liverpool fan. And if the result had been reversed then so would the comments.

You’ll not care for the result either (it was 2-1 by the way) since it wasn’t for points in the Premiership and therefore didn’t affect the Football Prediction League in any way. It might, however, have made you slightly nervous in your prediction that Chelsea will win the league, but you can’t change it now – the entry forms are all in. Too late, sunshine.

And so to this week’s results. How have you done? Incredibly, Nick Brown is still leading the game, a position he’s enjoyed since the first table was run last week, but, my word, he’s looking dodgy at the top. He gained a whopping 72 points since the mid-week table which, as you’ve probably already sussed, it’s not normally good news. Still top though Nick, fair play.

When I first ran the table, Ade registered a P5 placing so I texted him and told him he’d peaked too soon and that he was clearly up for a low-end-of-the-table finish. Actually, I was reasonably smug and Ade was textually upset. Having seen this week’s results I need to apologise to Ade – he’s doing alright and it’s now me who’s in the Premiership and in danger of peaking too soon.

A week’s a long time in politics and FPL.

– J


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