Shot through the heart

[… and you’re to blame, honey, you give lurve a bad name]

Today’s team for the JP treatment is none other than Aldershot Town “Don’t call me Aldershot” FC who are currently proud members of the Conference league.

Consider the following statements about current and former Aldershot players and you’ll start to understand the fervour behind the club. For much needed balance, I’ve included the players stats from, the ultimate arbiter of quality.

“Nikki Bull is the current goalkeeper, and an excellent one at that. Many observers believe he wouldn’t look out of place two leagues higher than what he currently is now.” – soccerbase notes that he’s never played league football so that’s a hard one to call.

“Mark Butler was simply a legend and a goal machine for the Shots. He scored 155 goals in 303 games between 1992 and 1998.” – soccerbase has never heard of him so can’t confirm his legendary status!

Aldershot Town FC

Aldershot Town FC graph can be found just over there on the left hand side of this text. Nice huh? I even coloured it in red to match the Aldershot home strip.

Needless to say that FPLers are far from in agreement as to what lies ahead for the Shots this season. Some say promoted as champions but an equal number have them in last place. 8th place seems the most likely … but … and I’ll try and say this gently, that’s also where the News of the World have them finish so I wonder if you’ve all been copying each other?

Will those 20 people please see me after class – you all know who you are.

All ‘facts’ on Aldershot Town copied and pasted from here

– J

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