Premiership kicks off

Finally, two weeks after the start of the football prediction league, the Premiership is now underway and so, we can finally take our first look at a proper FPL league table.

And I’ve got to hand it to you Nick Brown – I was not expecting you to be top once England’s top league had come into play. Can no one stop the chap?

If you’re looking for a stats-fact-write-up on your team, drop us a note to or simply add a comment to this post.

– J


2 Responses to Premiership kicks off

  1. Nick Brown says:

    As I’m top of the league how about a write up on Walsall who should by rights win League 2.

  2. Alexei Lloyd-Hooker says:

    As (probally) the only one here who likes Milton Keynes Dons, and being a resident, would you mind make a write up about the Dons please?

    (If not, I actually support Arsenal!, and I would like you to write about them too please… )

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