Saddled with Walsall

Some odd things are a-foot in the West Midlands, that’s for sure. In 1002, a shade over a thousand years ago, the town of Walesho was mentioned in documentation although not one word was said about a football team in the town.

In 1066, it was strangely omitted from the Domesday book. In 1799 a canal made it to Walsall, in 1848 a train. In 1874, some people wandered in from nearby Birmingham. It was delightful, certainly, but it lacked something.

In 1888, George Peterson realised that the certain something that Walsall had been missing for nearly 900 years was football and so it was that Walsall FC was founded. Of course, at this time, there was hardly a soul living in the village and it took another 4 years until they held their first fixture on the 3rd September, a division 2 match versus Darwen. For those that care to know, they lost – 2-1 – a rather ignominious start to league football.

The years have been lean ever since. Walsall are yet to win a domestic trophy of any sort – maybe the 2006-2007 season will be different? Let’s see what you all think.

Walsall FC 06-07

Again, a splendid range of predictions, suggesting that many people just aren’t so sure how they’ll fare this time out. Nick Brown, current FPL leader, is presumably the predictor that went for a 1st place, but it’s remarkably unclear. I can conclude though that two thirds of FPLers this season have Walsall to finish in the top half of the table, which I think is good news.

On the downside, I don’t see 2006-2007 as being the season that Walsall break this worrying trophy-less run they’re on. Maybe next season huh?

– J

PS – where’s Ade? Anyone seem him?


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