Vital Statistics

I’ve done some sums for you, just to save you the time. It’s a real shame that Chris Gott is not playing this season because I feel sure he’d really appreciate ’em.

The current leader is Nick Brown, who has been top of the table now for 4 weeks. Nick’s current score, 686, is nowhere near good enough to win the overall championship in May. Given a minimum score of 0 and a maximum of 1424, Nick is 51.8% right. Current FPL chump, Julian Hughes, is only 32.2% right and therefore has some way to go.

James Mills is the most improved player of the week, points wise, losing a massive 62 points since Sunday last week. Andrea Scanlon who is now sitting pretty in League One has risen an impressive 36 places up the FPL chart.

On the downside, James Hall and Tommy Starch both need to take a good hard look and themselves and possibly even hang their heads in FPL shame as both have gained 32 points this week. Please note folks, you’ve got to lose points, that’s the name of the game. But it’s Dave Williams who is hit the hardest, dropping 34 places down the table this week. He’s come to rest in the middle of League 2 but it’s anyones guess as to whether he’ll stay there.

That’s your lot for the week. Remember, you can make up your own stats by taking a good hard look at the results table.

– J

PS – Where’s Ade?


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