Don you forget about Me(-lton Keynes)

[Article to be read whilst playing Simple Minds in the background please]

To accompany one of the worst headlines I’ve ever written are these words, including that last one and the next one on the following paragraph.

The MK Dons, or Wimbledon as I once knew them, are Buckinghamshire’s second football team (after Wycombe of course). For the record, they don’t have any Wombles or Bulgarians playing for them this season.

But how wil they do in the 06-07 season? For once (alleulah), you’re nearly all in agreement.

MK Dons 06-07

See. (Click on it). Most of you think they’ll get promoted. Hardly, anyone thinks they’ll finish mid table and a few non-believers think they’ll get relegated. In last place. Nope, can’t see that happening!

Remember, drop us a note for a write up on your team’s chances for the season. Coming soon “Arse facts” for Dean Hull.

– J


2 Responses to Don you forget about Me(-lton Keynes)

  1. Dean Hull says:

    Just dont forget to mention team with the longest time spent in top div of English football, in fact never relegated from, and of course the most boring team between 1986 and 1995 under the great thieving Graham.

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