Vital Statistics, Week 5

The results have been published – the sums have been done. Who are the winners and losers from this week’s FPL?

Shock news is that we have a new leader! Nick Brown has been deposed and replaced with Nick Moran. Good work Mr Moran. Nick’s current score, 656, is nowhere near good enough to win the overall championship in May. Given a minimum score of 0 and a maximum of 1424, Nick is 53.9% right – a new record for this season’s FPL. New FPL chump, Jodie Norris, is only 33.1% right. Impressive huh?

Eve Breeze and Jeremy Butler are the most improved players of the week, points wise, losing a massive 58 points since Sunday last week. Just goes to show that you don’t need to be at the top of the table to get a mention on one of these postings! Sharon Whiskey who is now sitting pretty in League One has risen an impressive 28 places up the FPL chart.

On the downside, Andrew Scarborough needs to hang his heads in FPL shame as he gains 18 points this week. Also note that he’s dropped the furthest down the table too, dropping a silly 26 places in the league tables.

That’s your lot for the week. Remember, you can make up your own stats by taking a good hard look at the results table.

– J

PS – Where’s Ade?


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