Vital Statistics, Week 6

The results have been published – the sums have been done. Who are the winners and losers from this week’s FPL?

Who’d’ve thunk it – another new leader. After weeks of Nick Brown, a week of Nick Moran, it’s now Rob Brown who heads the table with 656 points, co-incidently the same score that Nick Moran had last week. Given a minimum score of 0 and a maximum of 1424, Rob is 53.9% right. By startling contrast, new FPL chump, Emit Brown, is only 34% right. Recognise that name? Yep, Emit Brown is the name of a character from the 1984 film Back to the Future and his entry is an exact copy, where possible of the 1984 League table. Emit’s now bottom and I can see him being there for the remaining 31 weeks

Andy Weeks is the most improved player of the week, points wise, losing a massive 40 and is now in the play-off places in League Two. Julian Morgan has risen an impressive 31 places up the FPL chart and is now near the top of League One. Not bad Sir!

And who has let themselves down this week with their FPL performance? Young Tom Starch needs to hang his head in FPL shame as he gains 60 points this week. 60! 60 points! But as bad as that undoubtedly is, it’s Richard King who is the biggest dropper of the week, falling 35 places.

That’s your lot for the week. Remember, you can make up your own stats by taking a good hard look at the results table.

– J

PS – Where’s Ade? He’s not been here for weeks. No emails, no calls … maybe he’s just embarrassed … have you seen the FPL table?


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