Vital Statistics, Week 5

September 4, 2006

The results have been published – the sums have been done. Who are the winners and losers from this week’s FPL?

Shock news is that we have a new leader! Nick Brown has been deposed and replaced with Nick Moran. Good work Mr Moran. Nick’s current score, 656, is nowhere near good enough to win the overall championship in May. Given a minimum score of 0 and a maximum of 1424, Nick is 53.9% right – a new record for this season’s FPL. New FPL chump, Jodie Norris, is only 33.1% right. Impressive huh?

Eve Breeze and Jeremy Butler are the most improved players of the week, points wise, losing a massive 58 points since Sunday last week. Just goes to show that you don’t need to be at the top of the table to get a mention on one of these postings! Sharon Whiskey who is now sitting pretty in League One has risen an impressive 28 places up the FPL chart.

On the downside, Andrew Scarborough needs to hang his heads in FPL shame as he gains 18 points this week. Also note that he’s dropped the furthest down the table too, dropping a silly 26 places in the league tables.

That’s your lot for the week. Remember, you can make up your own stats by taking a good hard look at the results table.

– J

PS – Where’s Ade?


Don you forget about Me(-lton Keynes)

August 30, 2006

[Article to be read whilst playing Simple Minds in the background please]

To accompany one of the worst headlines I’ve ever written are these words, including that last one and the next one on the following paragraph.

The MK Dons, or Wimbledon as I once knew them, are Buckinghamshire’s second football team (after Wycombe of course). For the record, they don’t have any Wombles or Bulgarians playing for them this season.

But how wil they do in the 06-07 season? For once (alleulah), you’re nearly all in agreement.

MK Dons 06-07

See. (Click on it). Most of you think they’ll get promoted. Hardly, anyone thinks they’ll finish mid table and a few non-believers think they’ll get relegated. In last place. Nope, can’t see that happening!

Remember, drop us a note for a write up on your team’s chances for the season. Coming soon “Arse facts” for Dean Hull.

– J

Vital Statistics

August 27, 2006

I’ve done some sums for you, just to save you the time. It’s a real shame that Chris Gott is not playing this season because I feel sure he’d really appreciate ’em.

The current leader is Nick Brown, who has been top of the table now for 4 weeks. Nick’s current score, 686, is nowhere near good enough to win the overall championship in May. Given a minimum score of 0 and a maximum of 1424, Nick is 51.8% right. Current FPL chump, Julian Hughes, is only 32.2% right and therefore has some way to go.

James Mills is the most improved player of the week, points wise, losing a massive 62 points since Sunday last week. Andrea Scanlon who is now sitting pretty in League One has risen an impressive 36 places up the FPL chart.

On the downside, James Hall and Tommy Starch both need to take a good hard look and themselves and possibly even hang their heads in FPL shame as both have gained 32 points this week. Please note folks, you’ve got to lose points, that’s the name of the game. But it’s Dave Williams who is hit the hardest, dropping 34 places down the table this week. He’s come to rest in the middle of League 2 but it’s anyones guess as to whether he’ll stay there.

That’s your lot for the week. Remember, you can make up your own stats by taking a good hard look at the results table.

– J

PS – Where’s Ade?

Saddled with Walsall

August 21, 2006

Some odd things are a-foot in the West Midlands, that’s for sure. In 1002, a shade over a thousand years ago, the town of Walesho was mentioned in documentation although not one word was said about a football team in the town.

In 1066, it was strangely omitted from the Domesday book. In 1799 a canal made it to Walsall, in 1848 a train. In 1874, some people wandered in from nearby Birmingham. It was delightful, certainly, but it lacked something.

In 1888, George Peterson realised that the certain something that Walsall had been missing for nearly 900 years was football and so it was that Walsall FC was founded. Of course, at this time, there was hardly a soul living in the village and it took another 4 years until they held their first fixture on the 3rd September, a division 2 match versus Darwen. For those that care to know, they lost – 2-1 – a rather ignominious start to league football.

The years have been lean ever since. Walsall are yet to win a domestic trophy of any sort – maybe the 2006-2007 season will be different? Let’s see what you all think.

Walsall FC 06-07

Again, a splendid range of predictions, suggesting that many people just aren’t so sure how they’ll fare this time out. Nick Brown, current FPL leader, is presumably the predictor that went for a 1st place, but it’s remarkably unclear. I can conclude though that two thirds of FPLers this season have Walsall to finish in the top half of the table, which I think is good news.

On the downside, I don’t see 2006-2007 as being the season that Walsall break this worrying trophy-less run they’re on. Maybe next season huh?

– J

PS – where’s Ade? Anyone seem him?

Premiership kicks off

August 20, 2006

Finally, two weeks after the start of the football prediction league, the Premiership is now underway and so, we can finally take our first look at a proper FPL league table.

And I’ve got to hand it to you Nick Brown – I was not expecting you to be top once England’s top league had come into play. Can no one stop the chap?

If you’re looking for a stats-fact-write-up on your team, drop us a note to or simply add a comment to this post.

– J

Shot through the heart

August 17, 2006

[… and you’re to blame, honey, you give lurve a bad name]

Today’s team for the JP treatment is none other than Aldershot Town “Don’t call me Aldershot” FC who are currently proud members of the Conference league.

Consider the following statements about current and former Aldershot players and you’ll start to understand the fervour behind the club. For much needed balance, I’ve included the players stats from, the ultimate arbiter of quality.

“Nikki Bull is the current goalkeeper, and an excellent one at that. Many observers believe he wouldn’t look out of place two leagues higher than what he currently is now.” – soccerbase notes that he’s never played league football so that’s a hard one to call.

“Mark Butler was simply a legend and a goal machine for the Shots. He scored 155 goals in 303 games between 1992 and 1998.” – soccerbase has never heard of him so can’t confirm his legendary status!

Aldershot Town FC

Aldershot Town FC graph can be found just over there on the left hand side of this text. Nice huh? I even coloured it in red to match the Aldershot home strip.

Needless to say that FPLers are far from in agreement as to what lies ahead for the Shots this season. Some say promoted as champions but an equal number have them in last place. 8th place seems the most likely … but … and I’ll try and say this gently, that’s also where the News of the World have them finish so I wonder if you’ve all been copying each other?

Will those 20 people please see me after class – you all know who you are.

All ‘facts’ on Aldershot Town copied and pasted from here

– J

PS – any requests, drop ’em on an email or comment here

Seagulls soaring or sinking?

August 14, 2006

Nick, a 06-07 FPL virgin dropped us a note and asked very politely if a small expose could be run on The Seagulls, whom you may know better as Brighton and Hove Albion.

[At the same time, Dean, an FPL veteran who should know better asked if I “could provide some Arse stats“. Add your own punchline. In fact, add your own article!]

And so who they and what they do? Brighton were sadly relegated from the Championship last year and so many will have you believe that they’re good for the up this time round. But all doesn’t seem well in the camp – another Coca-Cola signing, Colin Kazim-Richards, has asked to leave. Another player, young Albert Jarrett is deemed not good enough for the ‘Gulls, but was seen on the wing for Premership Watford versus Inter Milan mid week last week. Don’t seem right, does it reader?

BrightonAnd all this doubt has clearly played heavily on your mind for the FPL season. And much like Preston, you all seem rather unsure where B&HA will finish this season – 22 different league positions were predicted by 101 us. 8th place, just outside the play-offs, is the most popular choice. Would that represent a failure for Brighton? I’m sure Nick’ll tell us.

As ever, add your comments for another team trip through the FPL stats.

– J